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We are a service disabled veteran owned company originally founded in 1998 providing full-service mechanical/electrical engineering consulting firm.

First opened and located in Ohio. As time has passed we have moved our location south to a warmer climate.  

As our clients needs grew and projects expanded into other states so did our company. We are licensed in several states and are always willing to meet the qualifications needed to become licensed in any states that may be needed.

Now licensed in : Florida, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Viriginia, Georgia, Montana, Nebraska, Hawaii, District Of Columbia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Illinois, Utah, North and South Carolina and Alaska

When schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage you can count on. We can provide engineering and design support as needed by maintaining a network of engineers and designers on call for short schedule or large scale projects while keeping the overall design cost low.
    Our Specialists
  • Licensed professional engineers 

  •  Qualified designers and CAD operators

Company Profile
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Being a service disabled veteran owned business we understand how important your time is. If we feel we are unable to meet your needs we will be up front with you and direct you in finding the correct solution for your needs. No job is to big or to small.